Digital File Sharing and Management

Transform beyond data room and document management to full process flow collaboration for confidential transactions.

Professional Firms Digital Transformation Requires Trusted, Secure Advances

FileCERTin Advances Data Rooms For Your Business

  • Investment Banking
  • Corporate
  • Biotech & Pharma
  • Government & Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Legal
  • Funds & Private Equity
  • Restructuring

Your IP has never been more protected. Your documents and due diligence are never more dynamic and secure.

From document gathering to meetings, recordings, and tracking logs - secured, stored and encrypted, to a lock on every file. The blockchain-based private keys and encrypted audit trail never let anything thing slip.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional data room technology,

All the functions you require, including embedded communication and collaboration technology.

Reach beyond traditional Virtual Data Rooms into the fully enabled Virtual Data and Deal Room for complete confidence and compliance.

Advance your Virtual Data Room to a Completely Secure Every Deal Built with the Power of BlockCerts Blockchain

Due Diligence


Process Rules


FileCERTin Private Blockchain Vault

FileCERTin Vault Tracks Every Document

Every Document Secured By a Private Key

Blockchain Encryption For Maximum
Security and Audit Trial

FileCERTin Vault Tracks Every Document

Search and Find Any Document

Stay Connected, Tracked Notified

Secured Immutably backed and encrypted on BlockCerts Blockchain

Data and Diligence With 10X
Engagement Power

NDAVault private key secured
Secure workspace collaboration
Private key locked document link sharing
Encrypted, secured meeting recording (MeetCERTin embedded)
Complete version control
100% Audit Log reporting
Real-time access notifications
IP – Geo, device location access control
Authenticated eSign (SignCERTin embedded)
Document tracking process flow chains (TrackCERTin embedded)

Advanced Processes and Protection Rapidly Configured for Any Project

Power document and collaboration beyond basic confidential document sharing. Safety and security are assured via private key, IDCERTin QR Code multi-factor access for the need to know, view and access assurance.

Investment Banking


Biotech & Pharma

Government & Infrastructure


Renewable Energy

Oil & Gas


Funds & Private Equity

NDAVault Collaboration That Protects IP Private Key Encryption


Advanced protection 100% audit trails configured for any project immutably encrypted on BlockCerts Blockchain. QR Code accessed with secure private key technology.


Complete version management. Document tracking process flow chains. Instant notifications for reducing risks. The entire engagement process is within your control.


All confidential data are secure with the current top-notch cyber security networks based on blockchain. Round-the-clock privacy protection across the Internet anywhere on the planet.

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Control, Redact, And Reduce Risks Through Instant Notifications

The entire engagement process is under your control to manage sensitive information and engagements within the NDAVault by FileCERTin.